Step aside, beach blonde color! Brunettes are taking the spotlight this summer, and Kaia Gerber is leading the trend. Goodbye highlights and sun-kissed locks deep, rich chocolate brown hair is the hottest color for 2024.

Kaia debuted her stunning new hair color at the Los Angeles premiere of The Bikeriders. The rich, multi-dimensional chocolate brown color is incredibly glossy and healthy-looking. It's basically like someone poured melted chocolate all over her head in the best way possible!

This "chocolate glaze" hair trend isn't just about the color; it's all about the shine. Kaia's hair appears incredibly smooth and frizz-free after undergoing a special hair gloss treatment, resulting in a high-shine finish reminiscent of the classic "liquid hair" trend.

The best part? This rich chocolate brown shade is super versatile. It's dark but warm, so it flatters almost any skin tone. Plus, it's a classic color that will never go out of style.

So, if you're looking for a hair change this summer, ditch the blonde and try going for rich brown shades to turn heads with a look inspired by Kaia Gerber.

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