Anne Hathaway stars in a new movie alongside Nicholas Galitzine, where they find themselves in a whirlwind romance. Prime Video recently unveiled the first trailer for "The Idea of You," based on Robinne Lee's novel from 2017.

The story follows Solène (played by Hathaway), who ends up chaperoning her daughter's trip to the Coachella Music Festival when her ex cancels last minute. During the festival, she meets Hayes Campbell (portrayed by Galitzine), and they share an instant connection.

As their romance intensifies, Solène realizes the challenges of being involved with a celebrity like Hayes. The movie trailer, released on March 6, 2024, on Prime Video's social media, gives a glimpse into their love story.


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Expected to hit the OTT platform on May 2, 2024, "The Idea of You" explores themes of love, fame, and self-discovery. Robinne Lee's original novel inspired the film, delving into the journey of a woman in her 40s rediscovering herself amidst societal expectations.