During a recent episode of 'The Kardashians,' Kylie shared a vulnerable moment with her sister, Kendall Jenner, breaking down in tears over relentless criticism of her appearance.

Kylie Jenner, 26, shared how challenging it is to maintain confidence amidst constant scrutiny. Reflecting on negative comments she received after Paris Fashion Week, she revealed that she feels judged whether she wears minimal or more makeup.

In a heartfelt confession, Kylie admitted, 'I hear nasty things about myself all the time.' The weight of ten years of public scrutiny was evident as she described feeling 'so numb' to constant critiques and questioned why such scrutiny is deemed acceptable online.

Kendall, 28, empathized, acknowledging the harsh realities of their fame: 'We're dehumanized in our family. They don't think we have any feelings.' The sisters shared a poignant moment as Kendall comforted Kylie, who opened up about her decision to dissolve half of her lip filler the previous year. She was frustrated with repeatedly discussing her appearance.

Despite feeling emotionally strained, Kylie expressed her inner strength and determination, saying, "I see myself as a confident person... but I'm still human." Kendall assured her younger sister that dealing with challenges in the public eye comes with its own resilience.

Pulling herself together, Kylie vowed not to let negativity derail her: 'I can't let the comments get me down. I've got stuff to do.' This genuine moment brought attention to the private challenges that the individuals faced, which deeply connected with the audience.

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