Surprise! Nelly, 49, and Ashanti, 43, have been keeping a major secret; they got married back on December 27, 2023.

Despite announcing their engagement and expecting their first child, the couple chose to keep their wedding completely under wraps until now. TMZ was the first to break the news, adding to the buzz around their private ceremony.

Nelly and Ashanti's Secret Marriage Revealed

Earlier this week, Ashanti shared details about the proposal and her dream wedding plans with Entertainment Tonight. She described the surprise moment when Nelly popped the question at home, joking that her attire, his T-shirt and boxers, showed she was caught off guard.

In May, Ashanti celebrated her first Mother’s Day as an expecting mom, posting joyful photos on Instagram with Nelly and family. She expressed gratitude for the special day and the exciting journey ahead.


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Their relationship has had its ups and downs since the early 2000s, including a split in 2013 before they reunited in 2023. When reflecting on their whirlwind romance, Nelly shared during an interview on the "Boss Moves with Rasheeda" show that their engagement came as a surprise to both of them, highlighting the unexpected twists in their love story.

In April 2024, Ashanti spoke openly with Essence about the blessings and changes in her life. She emphasized her excitement for motherhood and subtly confirmed her engagement by affectionately referring to Nelly as her 'fiancé'.

This revelation adds another chapter to Nelly and Ashanti's love story, marking their union with secrecy and surprises that continue to captivate their fans and followers.

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