YouTuber and influencer Aspyn Ovard made two big announcements in April: she filed for divorce from her husband and welcomed their third daughter on the same day.

Ovard, who is 27 years old, filed for divorce from her husband, Parker Ferris, on April 1. This information comes from records from Salt Lake County's Third District Court. The court records don't mention why they are getting divorced.

On the same day she filed for divorce, April 1, Ovard shared that their third daughter was born. She didn't reveal the baby's name in her social media post. The baby arrived six weeks early, as Ovard mentioned in her post: "Sweet baby was ready to be born i guess."


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The newborn needed extra care, so she was taken to the neonatal intensive care unit. Ovard shared on TikTok that the baby is doing well there.

Although Ovard announced her daughter's birth in April, we don't know the exact date she was born. Since the baby's arrival, Ovard has been posting several videos from the hospital on TikTok. Some of these videos even feature Ferris. Neither Ovard nor Ferris has spoken publicly about their divorce.