Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have taken their romance to Italy. On Wednesday, May 15, the Grammy-winning singer and the NFL star, both 34, were seen with their arms around each other while walking the streets of Lake Como, Italy.

This sighting comes after Swift finished a series of Eras Tour shows in Paris, where Kelce supported her from the crowd along with Gigi Hadid and Bradley Cooper.

During one of the concerts, fans noticed Kelce filming Swift onstage. His brother, Jason Kelce, teased him about using his camera's flash during the latest episode of their podcast, "New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce." Jason joked, "You got caught pulling an Ed Kelce move here, taking a video with your flash on. What are you doing, Trav? You're supposed to be better than this." Travis explained that his phone's settings automatically turned on the flash in the dark stadium.

Despite the teasing, Travis was trying to capture good memories. He said, "I was just trying to get some good video, some good memories. I don't give a damn." Jason agreed that the flash improved the video quality.

During the concert, Swift made several nods to Kelce, including performing her 87th show of the Eras Tour, matching Kelce's jersey number, and wearing the Kansas City Chiefs' colors in a gold crop top and red skirt. She also added a song called "So High School," which fans believe is about her relationship with Kelce, to the setlist.

Their Italian adventure continued with a romantic rainy boat ride on May 17, where they were seen sharing a kiss. A companion on the boat took cute photos of the couple both on the boat and the dock. Swift had just wrapped up her shows in Paris, and Kelce was there to support her, capturing videos of her performances.

Kelce discussed Swift's changes to the Eras Tour setlist following the release of her latest album, "The Tortured Poets Department." He praised the entire tour team, saying, "It just looks like they're having so much fun up there, and they're absolutely killing it."

Travis also mentioned on the podcast that he didn't get to explore Paris much but plans to do so in the future. During his offseason, Kelce has signed a new contract with the Kansas City Chiefs, hosted "Are You Smarter Than a Celebrity?" and joined the cast of Ryan Murphy's new FX series, "Grotesquerie."

Swift's Eras Tour continued in Europe, with upcoming shows in Stockholm from May 17-19, before heading back to North America later this year.

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